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The Technique of the wind-cold groove

Through the digital emulating test, the plate structure is modified in order to avoid the “wind short circuit”. “Wind short circuit”: The undisposed indoor air go into the air conditioner and after the heat changing process in the evaporator go out.

This is a normal process of air circulation. If the disposed cold/warm air is again absorbed into through the inlet, it is called a wind short circuit, which will greatly affect the cooling/heating capacity of the air conditioner. However, the technique of the wind-cold groove will reduce the possibility of such situation and improve the effectiveness of the cooling/heating process.

Gold Fin

1) The Golden Hydrophilic Fins on both evaporator and condenser can improve heating efficiency by speed up the defrosting process and further save more power.

The special anti corrosive coil material made of epoxy resin, can achieve a longer life 10 times than normal